Terri Runnels Nude Photos: New Jack Ordered to Stop Selling Naked Pics

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A judge has ordered Terri Runnels nude photos to no longer be sold by New Jack. The former wrestlers were also a couple, and are now part of a heated naked pics battle. Will they eventually solve this in a steel cage, or will the courtroom be enough for this to be resolved?

According to a report from WWE Characters, a judge in Orlando just ordered New Jack (real name Jerome Young) to stop shopping around Terri Runnels naked images. Runnels filed the suit against Young last week. However, Young fired back saying the photos were taken by him and since they belonged to him, he should have the right to distribute them as he pleases. A judge didn’t exactly admire his “generous” spirit and banned him from distributing any more photos before they have a hearing next week.

Terri Runnels and New Jack split this past summer, although they had been dating for 18 months. Runnels was infamous as a WWE diva for a good amount of time, working with individuals such as Goldust. She was known for wearing skimpy ring attire to ringside or during matches and engaging in various hijinx on the WWE TV shows or Pay-Per-Views. Ironically, some of that included nude bodysuits or thongs. Runnels last worked with WWE back in 2001-2004 as manager of a tag team called The Radicalz, and then moved on to host WWE Excess. Runnels won the WWF Hardcore Championship, but only held it for a brief time. She has never officially posed naked for Playboy like other divas such as Chyna, Sable or Torrie Wilson.

If nothing else, this latest court battle puts Terri Runnels and New Jack back into the headlines. The question is how will either of them profit off the publicity, or will one of the wrestling organizations find a clever way to work it into their program?

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