Terrorist and the Justice system. I guess not.

Well I have been reading and hearing for years how we shouldn’t be trying to use the military to bring those terrorist who attack us to justice within the US legal system. Well I guess that’s working out well so far. As of toady all those convicted of plotting and executing the bombing attack on the USS Cole have either escaped from prison or have been flat out released from prison. So I guess the police way of bringing them to Justice isn’t working out so well. But I guess if we capture them on the field of battle we can then complain about how they should have been arrested….. Oh wait they already were and we saw how well that worked out.

But I guess we can take heart in President Bill Clinton’s proclamation proclamation “Justice will prevail.”  But he didn’t say when.


“In March 2002, President Bush said his administration was cooperating with Yemen to prevent it from becoming “a haven for terrorists.” He added: “Every terrorist must be made to live as an international fugitive with no place to settle or organize, no place to hide, no governments to hide behind and not even a safe place to sleep.”

Since then, Yemen has refused to extradite Badawi and an accomplice to the United States, where they have been indicted on murder charges. Other Cole conspirators have been freed after short prison terms. At least two went on to commit suicide attacks in Iraq.

“After we worked day and night to bring justice to the victims and prove that these Qaeda operatives were responsible, we’re back to square one,” said Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent and a lead investigator into the bombing. “Do they have laws over there or not? It’s really frustrating what’s happening.”

I know that in a perfect world they would be spending thousands and probably millions of dollars appealing their conviction right here in the good ol’ US of A. But we can only hope.

So what do you think has the “legal system” worked?

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