Terrorist Foiled on Christmas

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The terrorist aboard Northwestern Flight 253 flying from Amsterdam to Detroit was trying to ignite what Federal Officials claim to be a liquid and powder device. According to witnesses on board the flight of 278 passengers the terrorist who has been identified as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, of Nigeria was setting in row 19 on the aircraft and another passenger who is an American citizen Syed Jafri stated in an interview by phone with Fox news he was sitting behind the man when he smelled smoke and saw a glow coming from the area where Abdulmutallab was sitting. Jafri said the man seated behind him (Jafri) got up and jumped Abdulmutallab which prevented him from igniting the device.

The plane which is a 330 Airbus immediately landed in a Detroit Airport. Abdulmutallab told Federal Officials that he was linked to al Qaida and that his intent was to set a bomb off on the flight over the United States.

This incident comes eight years after a British member of al-Qaida tried to blow up a flight going from Paris to Miami with a shoe bomb. The terrorist is currently detained by Federal Officials who say he has third degree burns from igniting a portion of the device.

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