Testing The Dodge RAM 1500 in Germany – Must Read!

I saw a really great short documentary on German tv this week. If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to drive a Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie (limited edition “Feldmeister”) on German roads, you must read this!

Ok, the short documentary was only 5 minutes long, but both my husband and me were highly interested in it *lol*

The Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie is the biggest one in the “RAM family” and I had always thought about how it would be to drive this beast on German roads. It might not be spectacular in the USA where roads are huge – but what about Europe?

The German company “Auto Magnus” are importing this monster and are customizing it a bit for the German market by selling it as the limited edition called “Feldmeister”:

This baby costs almost €60,000 which is about $86.000 as of today. This baby does need three times the gas than my cute and small Fiat Panda… one tank filling does cost about €160.00 or $230.00!

Read more and see a video: http://athingforcars.com/autos/testing-the-dodge-ram-laramie-in-germany-must-read/#ixzz1W7u70qXu

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