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“Modern medicine’s narrow approach, to treat every disease as if it were a drug deficiency, has resulted in a steep price for humanity. It is obvious millions have died prematurely since vitamin C was first discovered over 80 years ago. Brave and resolute men and women, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Irwin Stone, Linus Pauling, Ewan Cameron, Emil Ginter, Matthias Rath, Andrew Saul, Tom Levy, Steve Hickey, Raxit Jariwalla, John T. Ely, Hilary Roberts, and others promoted the idea of vitamin C therapy but were readily dismissed, even belittled.”
(Bill Sardi, author of You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Cancer Anymore)
  I have posted some blogs on colonoscopies previously. However, this test is so important that I will review some of the information here.
Colonoscopy Preparation
  Two days before your test eat a light diet only.
                                                 Digestive Anatomy
  From 6 to 8PM drink two bottles (10 oz each) of magnesium citrate, which is a laxative. It tastes better when chilled.
  Immediately after drink two or three 8oz glasses of a clear liquid. Gatorade is one possibility. They want you to have carbohydrates to maintain your blood sugar level.
  Continue to drink clear liquids until bedtime.  Do not eat any solid food.
One Day Before Your Test
  This day drink clear liquids only. Have no solid food. Prepare the Colyte, which means adding water to it. You will have 4 liters of it. Refigerate it. At 6 PM start to drink the Colyte.
  I did not create this system. If I had created it, I would have used mineral oil instead of the high sodium laxatives that are currently used. Mineral oil is a clear liquid that a gastroenterologist can see through. It is an interstinal lubricant.
  “Drink one 8-ounce glass of Colyte every 10 – 15 minutes until you have finished one-half (2 liters) of the Colyte solution.” This is a direct quote from the instructions, which are unsigned. I have no idea who wrote the instructions. The instructions do not appear to come from a book. They are a handout. 
  What they don’t tell you in the instructions is that the laxatives taste terrible. They don’t want to discourage you. Unfortunately problems like this can cause people to refuse colonoscopies. I feel that there is substantial room for improvement in the preparation.
“Refrigerate the second half.” brochure
  Continue to drink two-three 8 oz glasses of clear liquid until bedtime. This is done at night so you will be near a bathroom. Proximity to a bathroom is of great importance when you are taking laxatives. Also the fluid may make you urinate.
  An upper GI endoscopy also requires fasting preparation, but it does not require the laxatives. The upper GI endoscopy only looks at your esophagus and your stomach.
The Day of the Test
  This day you can only drink clear liquids until after the test. After the test you can have solid food. The torture continues in the morning.
  In the early morning start to drink the second half of the Colyte. This will be the remaining two liters.

“Drink one 8-ounce glass of Colyte every 10 – 15 minutes until the second half is gone.” anonymous brochure

“Continue to drink clear liquids until 3 hours before your scheduled arrival time.” brochure

Barium Enema

  This is a radiology test with a similar preparation. However, I feel that it is not as good as a colonoscopy because the colonoscopy can remove polyps and do biopsies.


  The MRI test is useful for trying to detect tumors in the brain. The brain is difficult because you need to use imaging techniques. Biopsies are very difficult except for postmortem. Postmortem neuropathology is useful for research, but it doesn’t help the living patient with cancer.


          MRI Being Read by Radiologist



Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine


  Unfortunately some people refuse these tests because they get claustrophobic in the machine.


  We have only scratched the surface of this vast subject. Biopsies are examined under the microscope. Needle biopsies are sometimes done for prostate cancer and breast cancer. Removing skin for a skin biopsy is easier. If there is interest, I may publish more on these issues. If not, I will move on to other subjects.

  The prostate biopsy also requires preparation. You must take an enema before the biopsy. Also you take antibiotics before the biopsy to try to avoid getting infected.


  These images are presented courtesy of Public Domain Clipart.
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