Texanna Edwards Not Allowed to Attend Prom Because of Her Dress

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Texanna Edwards had a new dress, but she was not allowed to attend her prom and it is making news. Saturday, Texanna got ready for her prom. As with like girls her age all over the country, prom is an important aspect of life, a right of passage, a night she should remember. In this case, however, Texanna will remember the night but not for very good reasons.

Texanna dressed up in a knee-length red dress. It wasn’t too short, no that wasn’t the problem at all. The dress had blue stripes with white stars, it resembled the Confederate flag. The girl didn’t wrap herself in a Confederate flag; she wore a red/white/blue dress which also happens to be the school colors for Gibson County High School.

There is so much controversy in general over the Confederate flag that perhaps the school officials thought some people might be offended by Texanna’s dress. Confederate Vector FlagThe students who attended the prom were asked what they thought and everyone agreed that they loved the dress. As a matter of fact, two of the students who may possibly have been offended did go to the principal. They didn’t go to complain, they were upset with him because of the teen not allowed to attend prom. Texanna Edwards missed a big event in her life because of someone’s misconception of her dress.

You can check out Texanna’s dress here. What do you think? Did the principal go to extremes regarding a prom dress? Do you think it was appropriate that Texanna Edwards was not allowed in? If it was your daughter, what would you do?

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