Texas Acts Trip ‘America’s Got Talent’ Light Fantastic for Season 7

Everything has to go bigger and better in Texas, and the Lone Star State was out to show “America’s Got Talent” panelists Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, and Sharon Osbourne that its reputation applied just as much to talent as it does to wide-open spaces and burgers requiring wide mouths! Howie Mandel arrived in true Texan spirit, riding a Longhorn steer, and the talents shot out of the gate from the start!

Sebastian and El Charro del Oro set off the evening in traditional Mariachi music style, but the 10-year-old bandleader brought the house down with his polish and personality, not to mention his heritage in Hispanic musical tradition. “You’re a Mexican Jackie Evancho,” praised Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern said the young man was “personality plus” and Sharon Osbourne gave the performance her heartfelt “well done,” affirmed by three votes to Vegas.

Manley Price may have fancied himself an impressionist, but other than a take off on Slingblade, no one in judging seats could decipher a single syllable of his words, so home he went, and the Tinderbox Circus was a horror act, but mostly because they were at a horrible loss for talent! The Bandbaz Brothers were actually comprised of an uncle and his nephew, who coaxed the elder uncle out of his acrobatic entertainment retirement to try for another grab a big stage in the “America’s Got Talent” competition, and the brothers bridged the generation gap and put true courage to the test as they balanced head to head, with a weave and a wobble before mastering the matter of equilibrium. Howard Stern loved that they were near toppling, taking the whole audience along, and taking their breath away. Howie Mandel raved “you are edgy, and it worked,” and Sharon Osbourne concurred, despite having to look away a time or two! The votes to Vegas will pause that retirement a while longer.

Timothy Michael Poe is a true American hero, home from Afghanistan following a devastating hit from a grenade that injured his spinal cord and left his speech with a stutter, but his spirit and his singing voice filled every heart and set of ears in hearing distance as he performed his rendition of “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” his fiancée waiting in the wings, with tears through his words. Summoning a sliver of his wartime courage, Tim Poe had his welcome as more than an American patriot on the stage. He was welcomed as a new American singing star, Howie Mandel raved he was “amazing–a phenomenal talent” and Sharon admired his “rich tone” along with his heroism, and Howard Stern applauded that he used “no tricks,” instead relying on innate gifts to give him passage to more doors and dreams in Las Vegas.

A pair of very poseable ladies pleased the panel very much, and they will ply their trade and their pliable bodies further in weeks to come. Edan is a young man who can really sing, and he’ll be singing from the Strip, too, with angelic tones to match his look. Lulu is one lady with guts, and you’ve got to admire her dedication to entertain on her pole despite the pounds measured on her scale. She made a valiant effort to climb and spin and nailed her drop split, but couldn’t nail a passing nod from the judges, no matter the compliments to her character. The audience was treated to one hard body, as Nick Cannon joined Lulu for his own twirl on the pole, complete with sequined halter! He made the judges jealous of his physical attributes, and now, perhaps he can add pole dancer to his future vocational interests!

Joe Carillo brought a beautiful moment in patriotism to the night, too, as he sculpted America’s fighting forces in sand before transforming them to Lady Liberty. It was moving and original, “wonderful and patriotic,” as Howie Mandel phrased it. Along with his positive vote, Howard Stern said Carillo had “told America’s story in sand” and he’ll have more stories to tell in further auditions. Without a sound, he stirred everyone with eyes to see.

David “The Bullet” Smith certainly made a sound performing his unique talent, that of being a human cannonball! He motivated Howard Stern to leave his seat and head outdoors with fellow judges to see the young man fling himself heavenward and land on what looked like a very flimsy net after flying over 50 mph! Howard, of course, had to see more, especially considering death has not yet occurred, gushing that David “blew it out of the box,” Sharon Osbourne adding he was a “surprise” to them all and the show in seven seasons, and Howie Mandel agreeing he, too, needed to see David skirt death another time.

It’s a two-step as the show stays in Texas another night Tuesday, so the biggest, boldest acts are still coming!

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