Texas High School Football Player Dies After Throwing Touchdown Pass From Seizure

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A Texas high school football player died on Friday after throwing his second touchdown pass of the game.  According to hospital sources, Reginald Garrett, a quarterback for the team collapsed on the sideline from what appeared to be seizure, and later died.

Details of Reginald Garrett’s death

Texas West Orange Stark High School quarterback, Reginald Garrett had just thrown his second touchdown pass of a game on Friday, when he went to the sideline and collapsed.

The “Lone Star State” high school football player was attended to by the coaching staff, and was immediately raced off to a nearby hospital.  Unfortunately, Reginald Garrett died shortly after arrival to Baptist Orange Hospital in Southeast Texas, according to Fox Sports.

The Texas high school football player, according to a hospital spokesperson, Susan Courtney, was an exceptional person.  More than just the known as a quarterback and “star football player” who can throw a great touchdown pass, Reginald Garrett was a student who made exceptional marks in his studies.

CNN reports that a hospital spokesperson, Susan Courtney, said that Reginald Garrett was more than just a “star player” on a football team.  The Texas high school football player was a great role model to many who looked up to him on and off the football field.

A coach with the team, Cornel Thompson, said that the players on the team are completely torn by the news that their beloved quarter back has died.

“You talk about a great kid, friend, and teammate.  These kids followed him, you know.  It’s a shocker,” said Thompson.

A “star player” and friend to many

An enormous outpouring of that love and support for Reginald Garrett was seen by the hundreds of family and friends who gathered at the hospital embracing each other in prayer.  Sadly, their efforts were in vain; the Texas high school football player had passed away following the seizure.

The coaching staff at West Orange Stark High School said that Reginald Garrett suffered from seizures in the past.  This may have been a proximate cause of his death.

It is always shocking to hear about a young person dying before their candle has had time to burn.  Reginald Garrett will be remembered more than just the Texas high school football player who died after throwing a touchdown pass.  Instead, he will be remembered by all the hearts he touched during his short journey on this planet.

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