Texas Pastor a Thief? Preacher Charged with Burglary

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Is their Texas pastor a thief? The increasingly bizarre story starts when a neighbor claims the pastor broke a window and climbed in the house. But wait, the pastor can explain everything, including all the other things discovered by the police. A broken window, $10,000 worth of furs, designer purses and electronics in the backseat are just a misunderstanding.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Pastor Sandy McGriff denies all charges. The co-founder of the Church of The Living God tells conflicting stories to police and the press. Sandy McGill told reporters she was driving by the home of a close friend and church member, Serita Agnew. Upon seeing two men coming from the home, she drove around back and noticed a broken window. Fearing the men would return the pastor claims she went in through the broken window and retrieved the fur coats and a laptop for safe keeping. This is when the police saw her stuffing the items in the backseat of her car. So, is why should we call the Texas pastor a thief?

The Dallas Police claim McGriff told them a slightly different story. They say she told officers her friend had sent her to pick up the coats and did not mention of the two men. The police used the pastorÂ’s cell phone to call Serita Agnew and were told this was not true. Agnew thereby branded the Texas pastor a thief.

The story goes on to describe how the police report tells of resisting arrest, intoxication and using a false name. It seems, Sandy McGriffÂ’s real name maybe Kathy Robinson. The Dallas Morning news article tells a bizarre story of the pastor, including old prostitution charges and 14 names and dates of birth. The pastor, of course, has an innocent explanation of every detail. You will just have to decide for yourself. Is the Texas pastor a thief? God only knows, right?

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