Texas Rangers Trade Rumors: GM Wants To Make Deals

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Texas Rangers trade rumors even have general manager Jon Daniels excited about getting deals done. As the winter meetings come to a close, it is the inaction of the Rangers that has really started to make headlines.

Maybe the Rangers are simply trying to do too much, but the team hasn’t been able to complete any of the blockbuster trades or free agent signings that are buzzing around. A Michael Young trade, a Justin Upton trade, and the re-signing of Josh Hamilton have definitely made front page news, but none of those deals have been completed yet.

There are additional trade rumors involving James Shields and also rumors of the team trying to sign Zach Greinke. Despite all the rumors out there, the Rangers still don’t have much to show for the offseason and time may be running out on a lot of fronts. That doesn’t look to dissuade Daniels, though, as he is really working hard to make the team better for 2013 and beyond.

When asked about what was close, Daniels stated that, “I think we have a sense of a couple of things that are possible and hopefully we’ll be able to advance the ball there. I feel like we have a better sense of what’s real and what’s not. We want to make deals. We don’t want to sit here every day and talk about the idea of making deals. It just hasn’t happened yet.”

It’s very clear that the Rangers intended to be aggressive when it came to player acquisitions this offseason, but the team will have to start making moves to alleviate the stress of fans.

Which of the Texas Rangers trade rumors do you think will get done? Will Josh Hamilton or Zach Greinke sign with the team soon?

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