Text Messages Show Kate Gosselin Victim of Jon Gosselin and Robert Hoffman

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Last week it was reported that Jon Gosselin was likely in cahoots with Robert Hoffman to make Kate Gosselin look like a horrible person to all her fans. Anti-bullying activist James McGibney is digging deeper into this case and has unearthed text messages that make Jon look incredibly guilty.

According to a report from Radar Online, the text messages make it quite clear that Jon Gosselin gave author Robert Hoffman KKate Gosselinate’s computer, from which he extracted lots of information and used it out of context.

McGibney says the text messages he found are 100 percent authentic and that they prove how Jon Gosselin worked together with Robert Hoffman to make money using Kate.

You can check out the latest text messages that point fingers at Jon Gosselin by clicking on the Radar Online link above.

How do you suppose this makes Kate Gosselin feel—to know that in addition to being bullied recently by strangers that the father of her eight children entered into an agreement to earn money at her expense and to make her look like a terrible mother at the same time?

If Jon Gosselin was in fact working together with Robert Hoffman, hopefully James McGibney will expose everything the two men did.

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