Texting and Driving to Blame in Fatal MO Pileup That Left 2 Dead, 38 Injured

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Texting and driving was to blame for a fatal Missouri pileup involving a school bus that left two dead and 38 injured. The accident happened near Gray Summit, MO, last fall, and it was incredibly scary because it involved a school bus.

The 19-year-old driver, who died, was texting just before he crashed into a tractor truck triggering a chain reaction that also left a 15-year-old student on the school bus dead.

Texting and driving is a growing problem despite the fact that many states have banned the practice. People continue to text and drive even though the dangers are well publicized with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Oprah vehemently campaigning against it.

Do you text and drive? Are you aware that it is dangerous? In fact, many studies have found that it is more dangerous than drinking and driving. What will it take to get you to stop texting and driving? Will the fact that two teenagers died in this horrible Missouri accident because of the unsafe distraction be the final straw that helps you break the habit?

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