TGI Fridays Fined $500,000 over Alcohol! New Jersey Restuarant Fined for Serving Booze

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TGI Fridays was fined a whopping $500,000 because of booze. Why is it always the booze? The franchises in question are located in New Jersey and were fined not for serving alcohol to minors but for serving cheap alcohol when patrons paid for top shelf alcohol.

Hmmm, you really have to stop and scratch your head when the fines for serving cheap alcohol are so exorbitant when compared to the fines for serving alcohol to minors.

Eight TGI Fridays in the great party state of New Jersey were found to be cheating customers who paid big money for the best booze.

As ridiculous as this may seem, Acting Attorney General John Hoffman doesn’t find any of it amusing. Hoffman wants all restaurants in his state to realize the severity of this crime. The restaurants were fined $100,000 for investigative costs (you gotta love the government) and $400,000 for their violations.

Other restaurants have been accused of similar practices but they’ll probably stop now that they realize New Jersey doesn’t play around when it comes to top shelf booze!

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