Thailand couples break kissing record

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Seven couples in Thailand came together in honor of Valentine’s Day to join in a “kissathon.” Their purpose? To break the world kissing record!

“Fourteen mostly Thai pairs entered the contest when it kicked off Sunday morning at 6 a.m. local time. By Monday afternoon, half were still puckering up on the white-marble corridor a shoppiPouty lipsng mall,” reports AOL News. The competition lasted for about 35 hours and the last couple standing won some pretty sweet prizes including a diamond ring, cash, and bragging rights.

While the “kissathon” was all in good fun, the participating couples took things very seriously. Their lips could not stop touching for the duration of the competition or they would be eliminated. As you can imagine, this aspect made things very challenging – drinking had to be done while still kissing and the couples had to be accompanied to the bathroom by a contest monitor to ensure their lips remained touching according to AOL News!

It must have been a real hoot to watch these people make out for hours on end! The winners of the event were 37-year-old Preedi Singhajan and his 51-year-old partner, Rungnapa Rojananawin. They must be so exhausted but hopefully it was worth it for them!

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