Thames Saucer UFO Enhanced and Analyzed (Video)

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A classic flying saucer UFO filmed over the Thames river in England caused quite a stir last week when it was first posted. Now the footage has been enhanced, only deepening the mystery. What is it?

The unidentified flying object has the classic flying saucer UFO shape as it floats over the skies of Kent, UK at night. In this video, the object is clearly hovering above the small city, giving good reference to the horizon.

A couple are heard remarking about the object, the woman sounding more scared than the man, who seems plainly puzzled. They do agree it’s a UFO, however.

The video is nicely enhanced in three video panes: one original footage, one stabilized, and one magnified 6x.

Nothing helps to identify the UFO as it hovers without a sound. But this video has caused quite a bit of speculation since it appeared, with the debate running between a true sighting or a blimp.

Here’s the video:

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