Thank You Gather, For Validating My Insomnia (3/6/2014)

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Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Gather is bedbugs. That’s only natural and I’m sure we all feel the same way on that score. And much like the nigh ineradicatable Cimex lectularius, this tiny, resilient beast has displayed a formidable survival instinct and staying power. Why, just today an alternate platform for my browsing pleasure, which I had joined for the purpose of hedging my bets on this site, crashed, became utterly inaccessible. I deny all responsibility, but just in case renewed my membership in Bubblews. If I have some manner of anti-Midas touch on social networks, I prefer my victims deserving.

Yet against all odds our Gather gimps on.

While some would say this somewhat disgusting and parasitical insect is a blight on the mainpage as it is on apartment dwellers in Sacramento, Milwaukee and Sin City, I can`t agree. It`s almost as if Fate has chosen a mascot for us, and that avatar is …well…a bedbug.Bed bug, Cimex lectularius

Revel in it.

And thank you, Gather, for the itch that can`t be scratched.

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