Thank You Rolling Stone: You're the Reason RUSE the.magazine Was Created

The latest issue of Rolling Stone has been sitting on my desk staring at me for the last week or more.  The smug artistic rendition of a broken President on the verge of exit graces its cover.  The music magazine's cover story is a "pretend" interview with President Bush.  The magazine has remained untouched for over a week, until yesterday.

I for one love Rolling Stone magazine.  I grew up with it.  It is part of my culture, and my life.  In recent years, however, it has been a dysfunctional one-sided relationship that I just can't escape.  It started in 2004 with the cover of Howard Dean, and continued this year with covers of "the Hills", three Obama covers, and now George Bush on the cover (2nd this year).

As frustrating as it is to open your mail to see your music mag grace a political figure on the cover, what is more frustrating is the fact that a great writer for the magazine Matt Taibbi has sunk to the deepest low that Jann Wenner will allow in producing a "fictional" interview as a cover story.

This is not another Hunter S. Thompson flashback, or even the emperical work of the late David Foster.  But a science-fiction piece in which Taibbi talks of Condi breaking wind, and Bush playing Wii in the Treaty Room.  A vengeful spat that ends with Taibbi placing himself upon a pedestal gazing down upon a broken President in his last weeks.

We started RUSE the.magazine last year because of our broken relationship with our beloved RS.  We wanted to provide an outlet that mixed music, news, and politics without our personal views shoved down the readers throats.  

Although I would never want to out a respected publication like this normally (who am I to judge), but I know there are more out there that feel the same.  This also gave me the chance to finally answer the question that many have been asking over the last few months of, "why RUSE?"

So I would like to thank Rolling Stone for the latest issue, and recent years of inspiration.  Although we won't be sitting down with Obama anytime soon, or be bamboozled by Dylan ever, we thank you for your years of hard work, and losing focus on what matters to your readers, the music.

Levin Black

creator of RUSE the.magazine

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