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T-hankful for all that we have’ far and near..

H-opeful of better things to come’ as we cheer..

A-ffection for our loved ones’ Smiles and tears..

N-ovember – The Month of the year..

K-indness- we are so willing to share..

S-adness for those we miss’ and wishing they could be here..

G-race to god with our daily prayers..

I-ntense cooking a perfect holiday meal’ because we care..

V-isitors from family and friends’ from everywhere..

I-nspires us to be more loving’ without fear..

N-atural history’ of many years.

G-rateful we have this once a year..

Happy Thanksgiving family and friends..

This is how it all starts and hopefully it ends’

Blessing to all and of course amen!

By Kay Garrod

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