‘That 70’s Show': Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested for Alleged Injury to Spouse

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For fans of ‘That 70’s Show’, most remember Lisa Robin Kelly as the flirty, yet not entirely bright, sister of Eric Forman. Although not one of the main characters, her presence as Laurie often turned the world of the lead character’s ever pubescent friends into one filled with long stares, daydreams, and mouth’s hanging open. Kelly’s latest move has once again landed her in limelight, albeit not favorably.

TMZ reports that Lisa Robin Kelly was arrested early this morning by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for alleged spousal abuse. Under California law, the ‘That 70’s Show’ star is facing a felony should she be found guilty of the charge. This, following a guilty to a DUI in 2010, is resulting in a quite a rap sheet for Lisa. According to TMZ, Kelly is reportedly still in custody being held on a $50,000 bond. The blue-eyed bombshell was not clearly not at her best this morning.

Lisa also had early appearances on shows such as ‘Married… With Children’ and ‘Murphy Brown’. Perhaps the scenery in the LA County Jail will inspire the actress to pursue more productive endeavors in the future.

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