The 10.2% solution: Obama hosts jobs summit today at White House to address unemployment

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President Barack Obama is holding a jobs summit today at the White House. With unemployment at 10.2% at the end of October – and with numbers for November, although not officially out, certain to disappoint – there is increased pressure on the Obama administration to do something to rectify high unemployment.

The subject of the jobs forum will be jobs creation. The President has invited business and labor leaders to share their ideas.

According to Obama economic advisor Larry Summers,'”Increasing employment is everyone’s responsibility, from government to businesses to households. The White House jobs forum will take stock of where we are on the implementation of the Recovery Act and explore new job creation measures, including infrastructure investment, incentives for small businesses, developing our green economy and promoting U.S. exports.”‘

It all sounds good. Is it just for show or will it produce real results? I think it’s far too cynical this is just for a photo op. Surely some good ideas will come out of a room filled with (presumably) a few smart people?

House Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) is dubious: ‘”I certainly hope it’s more than a photo op. All of us want to do anything we can to get Americans back to work. Past history has been, with this White House, that there’s been a lot of pomp and ceremony with very little follow-through in terms of delivering results.”‘

What do you think about the jobs summit?

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