The 131st Deerfield NH Country Fair in Photographs-Part Two

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The Deerfield NH Fair is New Englands Oldest. The old and the ol’ ways are kept alive there for all to see and experience. In part two: animals and working animals are my subject. The fair has World Championship Horse Pulling. These are true working horses and it is amazing to watch and remember that this country was populated with such magnificent animals hauling the loads.

Note: All photographs are taken with a NIKON D50 Digital SLR camera and a 28-80 NIKKOR Lens

The 4-H clubs have kept alive the farming and livestock skills. The following pictures are from the 4-H Jr. Working Steer Show located at the Dairy Ring of the Fair.

4-H Pride and Confidence!

Blue Ribbon Pair-the young animals and caretakers of future pulls!


True equality in action!


These kids are too busy learning life lessons to get into trouble. Caring for and training animals is hard work!


Tall straight and confident waiting on a turn in the show ring


World Championship Horse Pulling-3400 pounds-Stock Pull Ring of the Deerfield NH Fair


Magnificent animals waiting for their turn in the ring. Country family enjoying the show with box seats earned with years of work caring and training the horses.


Check out the young man in black, his ritual of the pull is next. Family and horses at the horse pull.

Heading out

The Weight and the wait is over

A boy becomes a man with a 3400 pound pull in the ritual of Horse Pulling

Awesome pull after many tries at hookup as tension built and all were pulling for him to succeed

 Not done until you get the horses back to the fence

No need for an exercise club membership in the farm animal business!


Preview of Deerfield NH Fair Part Three-Woodworking with Chain saws

 This is the article ID for part one of the Fair series-check it out!

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