The 131st Deerfield NH Country Fair-Part Three

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Have you ever driven along the roads of New England and wondered where the large wooden animals appear from? At the Deerfield Fair they have a Woodcutters Display and it is a working exibit. Part Three in the Deerfield NH Country Fair series takes these wooden art forms seriously!

The working stock is cut from these huge tree sections and worked into Tree ART with Chainsaws and other tools. Tables in the foreground are also done and for sale at the fair with imbedded pictures.

Note: All pictures are taken with a Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera and a 28-80mm lens by Nikkkor


The rough stock of a huge section of fir or pine tree with finished tables out front for sale!

Wooden Stained Fish-You can say that you had it stiffened and mounted!

Nomes to bring good luck to your garden or shed!

Gigantic French Fry or Chainsaw art stock!?

Chainsaw Woodcutter in Action-Guess what he is working on!?

This is the finished product ready for a stain of your choice! Did anyone guess right?

Other fine examples of the Woodcutters ART

Baby Bear!

The Story in Prelude to the next picture-believe it or Knot!

Some perspective on the size of this bear at the Fair-O the poor bus that backed into something this big!


This pic is an example of how the Woodcutter gets a feel for what he will carve out of a block of wood!


Wizard or Witch? Notice how the carver uses the Knot of wood as a Knot for the tie!


Workin Wood Discussion!

WoodCutter Concentration and people enjoying the Fair!

Wood or knot, I would not mess with this bear!


A Preview of The 131st Deerfield Country Fair-Part Four-How Cute is This!-The Horses

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