The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards Winners and Commentary

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(SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the Golden Globes Yet, the winners are announced below!)

Yes, it’s the show all of the celebrities love getting invited to (because they get wasted!)  It is always the awards show that sets up the favorites for the Oscars.  The hilarious Ricky Gervais MC’d the event.  I will go ahead and say it.  He and Neil Patrick Harris should host every awards show until they are physically unable to do so!  Ricky was hysterical!

Without further adieu, here are the winners from the Golden Globes:


Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture:

  • Mo’Nique for Precious - Is it wrong that I hadn’t heard of this movie until tonight? Apparently I’m missing out on something revolutionary!

Best Actress in a TV Series – Comedy or Musical:

  • Toni Collette for United States of Tara  -  Never watched it, but she had some tough competition!

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Mini-series or TV Movie:

  • John Lithgow for Dexter - I love Michael Emerson for his work on LOST, but there is no argument from me on this one.  Amazing season of Dexter, and lots of props to Lithgow for creeping me out!

Best Animated Feature Film:

(Paul McCartney’s “Animation is not just for children, it’s for adults who use drugs” was fantastic!)

  • Up – It’s the only one I saw, so yay!  (great flick though)

Best Actor in a TV Series Drama:

  • Michael C. Hall for Dexter - Bravo Michael!  Like I said before, fantastic season of Dexter. I caught up this summer on the first 3 seasons and then watched season 4 when it aired.  I suggest everyone else catch up too.  Love it!  Get well soon Michael!

Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama:

  • Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife - I have heard really good things about this show, but my schedule is booked!

Best Original Song – Motion Picture:

  • “The Weary Kind” theme from Crazy Heart.  - Remember when everyone used to know the songs that were nominated?

Best Original Score – Motion Picture:

  • Michael Giacchino for Up - Wow, I had no idea the composer of LOST also did Up!  And he went to my high school!  Award well deserved.  The man is a musical mastermind.

Best Mini-Series or TV Movie:

  • Grey Gardens - Ah yes, it’s the years in between amazing mini-series like John Adams and Band of Brothers follow-ups like The Pacific!

Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical:

  • Meryl Streep for Julie and Julia – I’m so sad Meryl didn’t win for It’s Complicated!  She was really nominated for both movies?  Is there such a drought of good female performances?

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movie:

  • Kevin Bacon for Taking Chances – Good thing his wife Kyra Sedgewick is still paying the bills with her success on The Closer!  He can keep focusing on his mini-movies and his band, The Bacon Brothers!

Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Movie:

  • Drew Barrymore for Grey Gardens - People may not remember this win for Barrymore 5 years from now, but they may remember her crazy outfit!  Was there something growing out of her hip?

Best Screenplay for a Motion Picture:

  • Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner for Up in the Air - Still have to see this movie!

Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy or Musical:

  • Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock - Well deserved as always, but I would have liked Steve Carell to win just so he could get his shots back at Gervais!

Best Foreign Language Film:

  • The White Ribbon Germany - I’ll give you $50 if you’ve seen this one or even if you were planning to see it before my monetary bribe!  (okay, not really giving up any money, but how rude is it that they let Meryl go on for 5 minutes with no orchestra playing her off.  This guy that accepted the award for this movie?  He got 10 seconds!)

Best TV Series Drama:

  • Mad Men - This show is unstoppable.  Great 3rd season of the show and apparently this is the first ever 3-peat at the Golden Globes.  I just hope they go into a creative slump for the 4th so that LOST can get its due next year!  (am I biased?  You bet I am!)

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, Mini-Series or Movie:

  • Chloï Sevigny for Big Love - Another show I haven’t caught up with, but I’ve heard it’s a good time!

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture:

  • Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds – Well deserved!

Cecile B Demille Award: Martin Scorcese (presented by Robert Deniro and Leonardo DiCaprio)

Gervais with beer “I like to drink just as much as the next man, unless the next man is Mel Gibson!”  Brilliant!

Best Director for a Motion Picture:

  • James Cameron for Avatar - Can’t argue with this one.  I went into that movie a doubter on opening day, and was blown away. Check out my review of the 3D!  I hope he doesn’t do any “King of the World” jokes at the Oscars.  The wound is still too fresh 12 years later!  (By the way, the orchestra doesn’t cut of James Cameron either)

Best TV Series – Comedy or Musical:

  • Glee - WOW!  Totally thought Modern Family had this in the bag.  But, I can’t argue.  That Glee is, to borrow from Paula Abdul, infectious!

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical:

  • The Hangover - NIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!! I am shocked this actually beat out the pretentious crap nominated.  (Yes, another “Meryl Streep movie” and “Rob Marshall Musical Film with A-list stars” I’m looking at you!)


Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama:

  • Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side - Good Movie!  I dare you not to cry!

Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical:

  • Robert Downy Jr. for Sherlock Holmes – Maybe this will convince my wife that we need to go see it! (she already said “doubtful” boo!)

Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama:

  • Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart - Apparently, this is a really deserved underdog win.  Most people expected Clooney to win, but Jeff got a standing O from the crowd.  Never heard of the movie until I saw him on Conan the other night.  Might have to check it out.

Best Motion Picture – Drama:

  • Avatar - The little movie that could.  A preview of things to come for the Oscars? How did Cameron strike movie gold twice?  Crazy.  But I loved those crazy blue aliens!

Well that’s it folks.  Were you surprised by any of the winners/losers?  The countdown begins for the big show. See you at the Oscars!

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