The Amazing Race 17 – Will an All-Female Team Finally Win TAR?

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On The Amazing Race 17, there’s a very good chance the first all-female team will win. All three of the very likable teams have a a great shot at winning. When looking at the three teams, there isn’t one that heads into the season finale without a chance at winning. They’re all strong teams and have shown strength throughout the season.

Jill and Thomas – The Marina Del Ray, California couple are the most likable of the three “dating” teams of this season’s race. She was very open in the beginning, admitting that she was hoping for the Race to show that she can be strong in situations too. They arrived on Phil Keoghan’s mat on the first leg of the Race and won the new Express Pass that would allow them to skip any challenge.

The dating couple slipped to fifth place in week two, seventh in week three, and after getting lost in week four, they used their express pass to get out of it and came in fifth place. They were in third place the following week and back up to first place in week six. They fell to fifth place in week seven, and have been finishing strong, coming first or second in the next four legs, despite a thirty minute penalty.

Brook and Claire – The home shopping television hosts felt coming into it that their communication skills would get them far. That hasn’t been the case as much as their tenacity. They came in fourth place on the first leg, after Claire was smacked hard in the face with a watermelon, then came in first in week two.

In week three, Brook and Claire fell to sixth place , but hit third place the next week. They fell back to fifth place in week five, and came in second place the next two weeks. They’ve been close to the bottom of the pack and survived a Double U-Turn the past four weeks, but have come in fourth twice, then third, and second last week, only after a thirty-minute penalty.

Nat and Kat – The doctors knew they stood a good chance at doing really well in the Race, as they’re used to stressful situations and being sleep-deprived. They arrived second in the first leg, behind only Jill and Thomas, but slipped to seventh place the following week, and eighth place the week after that.

The doctors won in week four and kept that lead in week five after vegetarian Kat ate a sheep’s head to win the Fast Forward. That was truly when we knew they were a force to be reckoned with. In week six they came in fourth place, then won again in week seven. They fell back to fifth place the next week, then U-Turned Chad and Stephanie and came in third place. They arrived in first place in week ten, then back to third place last week.

These aren’t three teams that got there by luck. Instead, they got there by strength, and for Claire, she’s there because she’s one tough broad. She may be lagging behind the others when they’re running in, but she’s not a quitter, which is more than we can say for a certain tattooed guy. She’s been smacked in the face by a watermelon. She’s still there.

Two teams, Jill and Thomas and the Doctors, have come in first four teams during the Race. That leaves open only three legs already completed, and Brook and Claire won one of those. The other two legs were won by Connor and Jonathan in week three, and they were eliminated the following week, and Chad and Stephanie (after oversleeping), and they were eliminated the following week after he decided a Blizzard and cheeseburger were more important than finding a faster flight.

Any one of the three remaining teams could win. All of them have shown strength in different ways. The one thing that is a definite is that Brook and Claire will be racking up more hugs tonight after a strong finish, whether it’s first, second, or third.

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