‘The Amazing Spider-Man': Costume Revealed in Reboot, Emma Watson Stars

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The Amazing Spider-Man is the new title Sony has given to the movie reboot, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Watson. The movie is a nostalgic look back at the early life and persona of Peter Parker.

Sony Pictures is banking on a walk back down memory lane to market its next largest product that’s surging down the pipeline.

The powerhouse duo of Sony and Columbia Pictures announced that the new movie needed some character to it with various layers. Voila, a throwback title was proposed and is now the law of the land for the upcoming reboot. Emma Watson is starring in the film? More on that later.

The Amazing Spider-Man was influenced by the original name of the comic book (for all you wall-crawling fans) after Spider-Man made a debut in Amazing Fantasy #15. That’s going a bit way back, but the movie will center on the evolution of Peter Parker.

If the fans are lucky, they may get a glimpse into how the geek in Parker came to be. Now, that’s being a bit ambitious, but it’s a throw-back, right?

Headlining the film will be Andrew Garfield as the mercurial Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man film. By the way, Garfield had to put on some muscle for the part. Perhaps, Duane The Rock Johnson had a part in it? Rumor is he is helping an A-Lister beef up for another unrelated role.

Coming off her blockbuster career in the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson will play the role of Gwen Stacey. But what about Mary Jane? In The Amazing Spider-Man, there was someone, before Mary J came along.

As an added feature to the days of yesterday, the new costume reveal shows mechanical web shooters just like the kind the web crawler used in the old days. Nowadays, it appears he is a natural shooter of the sticky stuff. Not so in the old days. This is classic Spider-Man, so get ready.

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Check out The Amazing Spider-Man’s costume and the press release on Facebook.

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