The ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Supreme Might Not Be Who You Think It Is

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The American Horror Story: Coven witches might need their new Supreme now more than ever. The voodoo crew wants a war with the Salem coven, and Cordelia’s witch-hunting husband is hell-bent on wiping out the last of the witches using his “blessed” silver bullets.

Unfortunately, the coven of young witches will have to rely on a dying Fiona to lead them for now. Spalding talked the Supreme out of committing suicide, and she actually seemed somewhat invigorated by the coven’s scheme to get rid of her. The girls are obviously willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of their kind, and whoever gets chosen as the next Supreme on American Horror Story: Coven is definitely going to have their work cut out for them.

So will it be zombie Madison, whose growing powers scared Fiona into murdering her? Or will living voodoo doll Queenie reign as a Supreme who unites the Salem witches and the voodoo witches? Black widow Zoe did exhibit a great deal of power by bringing the Axeman back, and Misty Day can resurrect the dead by healing their bodies—it doesn’t matter if they’ve become a rotten roach motel or if they’ve been burnt to a crisp.

Fiona has seemingly moved on from thinking that Madison is the new Supreme and is now accepting Myrtle’s declaration that Misty Day is the woman who will be her undoing. However, no one should count Nan out—she might surprise the members of her coven who don’t believe that there’s any chance that she’s their new leader. Nan can get in everyone’s heads, so maybe she’s reading their minds and making them think that they’re more powerful than they actually are by making magical things happen for them.

Salon has a rundown of all the potential candidates, but here’s an interesting theory: Maybe all of the young witches on American Horror Story: Coven are the next Supreme. Perhaps the mysterious witchy powers that be got smart and decided to separate out the Supreme’s powers this time around. After all, giving all that power to Fiona didn’t work out so well, and apparently choosing one Supreme hasn’t been the best method of keeping witchcraft alive—just look at how few witches there are left.

Fiona herself said that many Supremes have cracked under the intense pressure of their responsibilities, so why not spread all those responsibilities out amongst a group of girls who can help one another lead? No one will be able to get power drunk and abuse her position with her sister witches to keep her check, and it won’t be so easy for a baddie like Fiona to kill off the Supreme. Perhaps Fiona felt a little better after murdering Madison because she temporarily destroyed one part of the powerful group of witches who are replacing the old Supreme setup. 

So do you think that that all the girls will have to work together once Fiona is gone, or can there only be one Supreme?

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