The Apprentice, Kim Kardashian’s Perfume Brings Out Best and Worst

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Thursday night on The Apprentice, with a challenge to create a display for Kim Kardashian’s perfume, it brought out the best and worst of the contestants. With a scent described as “voluptuous,” it brings several different images to mind, but cheap and trashy isn’t one of them.

Before Donald Trump even got around to handing over the week’s challenge to his hopefuls, he had some nasty business to take care of. He’d somehow gotten word and seen evidence of one of the apprentices texting people to come offer him $50 during the Pedi-Cab challenge. With this issue being teased last week, viewers couldn’t wait to find out who it was.

It turns out it was Anand. And worse than cheating, once he was caught, he denied it to Trump. At least be honest for gosh sakes. Trump was disgusted, and Anand was fired. In his exit interview, he acknowledges letting Trump down and says it still stings the way in which he was fired, as he was sure he was going to be hired as the next Apprentice. He wished for a second chance, but really how could Trump do that in fairness? He was project manager for the Pedi-Cab challenge and won. It really wouldn’t be right to keep him on.

With Anand gone, and Liza sent to Fortitude to round out the teams, the challenge was on to create a perfume display for Kim Kardashian’s new perfume that was described as voluptuous. With a bottle that’s black with pink type and logo, and a print ad to follow that had Kim baring a lot, sitting inside a large silver hoop-like swing, and wearing a feather jacket, Clint took over as Project Manager, most likely because Brandy just acted as PM last week, and Poppy handled it for the other side.

The output couldn’t have been any more different between the two teams. Clint’s team, after initially not getting as much hope as wished for from Brandy, put together a beautiful acrylic display, with lit-up holes shelving the bottles. It was backlighted in pink with a hint of purple. It was eye-catching and seemed to match the flavor of he product.

On the other hand, Poppy’s team put together a display in which the word “bedazzled” was actually used. Honestly, that one word is really enough of a description, but known it included sequins, feather boas, and strands of cheap gems finishes it off to the point that whatever image you’re getting in your mind probably isn’t doing it justice.

Several words were used to describe Fortitude’s display, from cheap, to trash, to juvenile. She honestly thought this was matching the style of Kim Kardashian, who was probably justly insulted.The only thing Kim liked was that the display also allowed fans to take pictures of themselves with her image, and probably without the boas.

There really wasn’t too much question in who needed to be fired for this one. While Liza and Stephanie heated it up with their arguing and talking over one another once again, and while Stephanie wholeheartedly agreed to the bedazzled display, it was all Poppy, and she was fired for it.

In some ways, you can’t fault someone for having bad taste and liking the concept of bedazzling, as certainly not every successful business owner has good taste, but if you don’t have good taste, you need to be aware of it so that you can appoint someone who does to make such decisions.

The only thing that must have stung worse than the words of cheap, trashy, and juvenile, would be losing to Clint. Yet seeing his success in this challenge, the job at the end of the journey is looking more and more like his.

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