‘The Avengers’ Makes a Box Office Killing Overseas

The Avengers movie doesn’t open in the United States until this weekend. However, the film’s already proven itself a heavy hitter by scoring big numbers at the box office overseas.

The long-awaited comic book thriller scored a whopping $178.4 million from Wednesday through Sunday of its opening week. That’s remarkable, given that the film only showed in certain countries. It still hasn’t opened in the big markets of China, Japan, and Russia. However, the United Kingdom got behind the movie with a real vengeance. The movie scored over $24 million in that market alone.

To put the earned dollars into full perspective, The Avengers opening week figures aren’t that far behind the international gross achieved thus far by the biggest blockbuster of the year—The Hunger Games. Does that mean that Captain America and company could squash Katniss and Peeta? It’s possible. At the very least, the film will give Games a run for its money.

Which film do you think will hold the box office title? Share your thoughts below.

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