‘The Avengers’ Movie Showtimes Approach with Positive Reviews for 2012 Marvel Film

As The Avengers movie showtimes draw closer, so far the new 2012 Marvel film has drawn rave reviews all around. That bodes well for the franchise which includes Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and others. The movie trailer continues to get views on YouTube in anticipation of an epic superhero event, as crowds begin to assemble for this new film’s arrival.

The Avengers showtimes begin on Friday, May 4th, with it very likely that there will be sold out theaters all around the country. That’s partly due to comic book fans who are amped up to see their favorite crime-fighting team in action on the big screen. It’s also partly due to stellar reviews for the movie, giving it higher marks than most recent films.

The film has scored a 94 percent rating over at the Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer”, which collects movie reviews to let viewers know the critics’ general consensus. That consensus seems to indicate that this Stan Lee, Marvel comic brought to life with CGI and an ensemble cast is going to bring in big box office bucks this coming weekend, and for days to come after. Is more than half a billion dollars worldwide possible? Can Iron Man fly in his suit of armor? Does Hulk turn green when he gets mad?

While it is a superhero film, the reviews are saying it has the depth and entertainment value that fans will want. Even though the movie runs for over two hours, it appears that this one will make you wish it were even longer. It also means that Batman will have a tough task ahead of him in July, when “The Dark Knight Rises” soars into theaters. Will the “Caped Crusader” be able to take down this group of Marvel’s finest?

Are you planning to see “The Avengers” movie when it opens this coming weekend? Which showtime will you be going to, a midnight showing or different? If you’ve seen the film, what did you think?

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