‘The Avengers’ Preview Airs During Super Bowl 46

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Knowing what a prime time slot the Super Bowl is for commercials, the promotional team behind The Avengers strategically chose to place their longest-running (time wise, at least!) preview for the film just slightly before the Super Bowl 46 halftime show, hoping to corner the most potential viewers.

Fans tuned in to the Patriots-Giants game were treated to a somewhat subtle trailer of the film, due out May 4, complete with plenty of superhero eye candy. The trailer, though giving little away that we haven’t seen before, reintroduces Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, and Black Widow—just to ensure that there is plenty to appeal to both women and men.

Robert Downey Jr.

There are many who are likely unimpressed with the stinginess of The Avengers commercial, with Marvel really holding back on what they aired during their Super Bowl slot (likely because time equals a lot of money in this case!). Lucky for them, the online version of the Super Bowl Avengers ad is twice as long as the televised version.

What did you think of The Avengers trailer?

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