‘The Bachelor’ 2013 Recap – Sean Lowe Confronts Train Wrecks, Magic Mountain and a Long Kiss

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On The Bachelor 2013, while Barack Obama was rocking out in Washington during the Inaugural balls in real time, Sean Lowe was dealing with a bunch of women who weren’t nearly as in touch with reality as was Michelle Obama with her powerful man.

Still, Sean is not a total wimp. After all, who could get through a beach date with a dozen doe-eyed women who wouldn’t hesitate to scratch each other’s eyes out during a volleyball game if that meant earning alone time with this hunky Texan?

Lowe playfully lapped up this waterside adventure with his bikini-clad comrades but the girls were serious about the outcome since half of these dolls weren’t going to be sticking around fo more interaction with Lowe. Why? Because the winners won this privilege while the losers headed back to the mansion. At least they’d still be in Malibu. Consolation prize? Maybe not.

In fact, Leslie H. and Kristie were not happy losers, literally breaking into tears that they would be able to continue this fascinating date.

What did continue on for a long time was a kiss between Sean and Lindsay who were aiming to earn the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest smacker. This was a task near and dear to Lowe’s heart since his dad owns the Guinness Record for world’s longest road trip.

So, there these two potential lovers stood lip-to-lip on Hollywood Boulevard as a massive crowd, Chris Harrison (natch!) and the Guinness world record adjudicator witnessed their amazing feat. How romantic! At least this couple did win the right to be called persistent kissers. Sean even insisted that at times during that three minute plus kiss, he was so enthralled that he wasn’t even aware of the crowd or the cameras. Yeah, right.

Then off Sean and Leslie went for their requisite alone time when they “get to know each other better” on a date where there aren’t any others around — except the camera crew, of course. Leslie gets the rose and talks falling in love with one Sean Lowe.

But one Sean Lowe is only getting started. Tierra reads the next date card, calling out AshLee and Selma. A two-on-one date already? No. This temptress was only kidding, but nobody thought the joke delivered by drama queen Tierra was funny. Far from it.

As it turns out, this date does not turn out to be a one-on-one between Ashlee and Sean after all because the Six Flags Magic Mountain extravaganza includes teen girls who share friendship and also chronic illnesses, making this a big deal for these best friends who have never met in person since their relationship has been enjoyed through social networking.

All enjoy the amusement park, trying out rollercoasters and role playing in old timers’ garb. And then, as if that wasn’t enough (after all, the two girls who went along with Sean and AshLee said this was the best days of their whole lives), Lowe brings on yet another surprise: A special concert by the Eli Young band, his favorite band of all time. Um, yeah.

Other notable events from The Bachelor 2013 episode 3 include intense conversation between Sean and Kacie B. She takes Sean aside to let him know that Desiree and Amanda are not getting along. She considers this very bad behavior but Sean queries, “Why are you saying something to me? They both seem fine.” This Bachelor Nation veteran persists, says that the cat fighting makesg her uncomfortable, so Sean reacts, “I want you to act like Kacie, not like this crazy person I see.”

Then there’s the drama that was teased in the promos for this show that made everyone who likes to watch train wrecks tune in.

So what happened?

While AshLee waited to get on with her date after Magic Mountain part, Tierra falls down the stairs at the group house. Sean shows up just in time to see that this poor girl is in bad shape and may suffer a concussion, something he’s experienced before. So, the paramedics come out only to have Tierra refuse medical help, preferring the healing attention that Sean is willing to give.

Meanwhile, AshLee seems conflicted, alternatively worrying about Tierra and cursing her for stealing her date away during what should have been their moment together. But they finally get on their way via a convertible Jeep and the rest is Bachelor history for this particular situation.

Another highlight this week is between Sean and Sarah, who didn’t win a date. To make up for that, Lowe surprises this meek woman by providing a chance for her to reunite with her French bulldog, the real love of her life. The pup arrives via limo for a visit and Sarah is thrilled beyond belief. Literally.

During the requisite cocktail party, a lot of stealing takes place. Desiree steals Sean from Tierra and then Tierra steals Sean back only to have Amanda steal him away from her needy clutches. This seems a bit confusing to a dumbfounded Sean, who is ready with his roses not long after these antics.

However, before the actual ceremony gets underway, Lowe asks Kacie to take a moment with him in private. It is then that he tells her she is not going to be anything more than friends with him and so he sends her on her way, letting her forgo any embarassment in front of the others.

Then the rose ceremony gets going in earnest, and of course, Tierra gets a rose. So do Leslie H., Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, and Amanda. After much dead silence, the final recipient of the rose for the evening is learned (that’s Desiree) and then Sean says goodbye to Kristy and Taryn.

Of course, both girls aren’t happy that The Bachelor Sean Lowe wasn’t all that into them, but the pair leave without too much drama. That’s reserved for next week on this TV reality show where everyone’s looking for love so stay tuned.

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