The Bachelor Affair Scandal ~ Rozalyn Papa Asked to Leave Show (Video)

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The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love affair scandal was revealed on tonight’s show.  The Bachelor commercials have been hinting around about some “never before” affair scandal.

One of the girls, 28 year old model, Rozalyn Papa was sent home for having an “inappropriate” relationship with one of the show’s staffers.  When the show’s host, Chris, confronted Rozalyn with the news, her reply was “I mean, I don’t think that my personal life’s really anybody’s business”.  Both Rozalyn and the unnamed staffer were sent packing.  The staffer was promptly fired and Rozalyn was escorted from the property.

When Chris told the Bachelor Jake that Rozlyn Papa was leaving, he responded, “I don’t really know what to say. I’m just really disappointed.” Jake asked Chris for the rose back so that he could keep another girl from being sent home.  Jake also requested that he stand with Chris when the remaining girls heard the news.

Jake told the women “I feel kind of deceived… She looked in my eyes and told me she was here for me.” He asked the other women if they would pull him aside and tell him if they didn’t want to be on the show anymore.

The Rose Ceremony immediately followed the drama of the affair scandal.  Two women were sent home.


ABC has the video of the “Kicked off moment” on their site, click here to view it.

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