‘The Bachelor': Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Broken Up for Good?

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Yet another source has come forward to say something about Brad Womack and Emily Maynard from The Bachelor. This new source claims that the couple is completely done. This back-and-forth between this couple is enough to make any fan’s head spin. They are together. They aren’t together. They are happy. They are done. Which is it?

This latest report comes from Hollywood Life. According to the site, a source said the following: “It happened about a week and a half ago.” What was the reason given for the break-up this time around? Emily reportedly still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend, David Smith. A week and a half ago would put the timing of the split during her visit at the end of April. During that visit, the couple was seen holding hands and looking happy together.

This new report goes against a report released just yesterday that Emily was giving Brad Womack another chance. Now, they are done? The confusion and speculation surrounding this couple will continue on, but it could all be ended if Brad and Emily spoke up and cleared up the rumors once and for all. However, that is easier said than done. The couple might not even know yet themselves whether or not they can make it work.

Is there still hope for this couple from The Bachelor? Fans will have to continue to watch the saga as it continues to unfold.

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