‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Slammed for Spotlighting Ricki

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The constant stream of news on Brad Womack and Emjly Maynard from The Bachelor is continuing this afternoon. Now the couple is coming under fire for putting Ricki, the five-year-old daughter of Emily, in the spotlight. One site took a hard look at the recent weekend spend by Brad Womack in North Carolina with Emily and her daughter, and the results weren’t good.

Matt Titus with The Hollywood Life said the following on Monday:

By agreeing to appear on The Bachelor, they put their entire lives on camera because they wanted the exposure. But does Ricki want to be in the public eye? Is Emily putting her daughterÂ’s feelings first, or is she using her child as a prop to show how much she and Brad are progressing? In my mind, these two are trying way too hard to look like a realistic couple.

Brad Womack did spend most of the weekend giving details about his weekend spent in North Carolina. Those that follow him on Twitter know all that happened during the weekend from a trip to church, to nights spent together as a family.

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard had initially asked for privacy following the end of the season, so what has changed now? Why are they being so open about their relationship? It is a complete 180 from just earlier in the month.

It seems like they haven’t thought much about the child in all of this showboating. They keep pushing their relationship, and it seems to be going overboard now. The more the push, the more fake it will seem. What do you think? Are they handling this wrong with a child involved in the mix?

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