‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack manipulated by Michelle

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If you watched Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, you probably noticed that Michelle Money is a great manipulator. In what was a pretty shocking ending (everyone loves Britt but she should have gone home), Brad chose to send Jackie home and to keep Michelle after she laid on the waterworks. File:Red rose.jpg

In his Bachelor blog, Brad makes no mention of Michelle, but everyone could clearly see what she was doing. First, after Brad’s one-on-one date with Alli (who didn’t get a rose), Michelle headed up to his room and proceeded to tell him who to send home and in what order. This really rubbed Brad the wrong way and before the rose ceremony, he pulled Michelle aside and told her that he felt like they stepped backwards.

Well then it all started: Maniacal Michelle started crying and naturally made the Bachelor feel bad… so in the end when it came down to Michelle and Jackie? Brad sent Jackie home! That folks, was the art of manipulation at its best.

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