‘The Bachelor': Emily Maynard Demanded Brad Womack Be Tested

A new bit of information about The Bachelor couple has been released this Monday morning. Apparently, while the series was still in production last season, Emily Maynard demanded Brad Womack be tested for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. If he wasn’t, she planned to leave the show.

This news comes from TV Grapevine, who received it from someone on the staff of the hit ABC series. Contestants on the series actually go through a screening process that includes STD screening and a Psych evaluation. Brad Womack had to be included in that obviously.

However, if you look at his behavior during the taping of the series, it is possible he slept with one or more of the women, especially on those overnight dates at the end. What about his night with Chantal? Did nothing happen while the two were alone in South Africa on their overnight date? With no cameras in play, it is hard to know what happened.

Emily Maynard is well within her rights to ask for screening. Brad and Emily seem to be doing quite well now though. In the public eye, they appear to be the happy couple, but appearances can always be deceiving. What do you think? Will this The Bachelor couple last?

Photo Source: TV.com

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