The Bachelor, Episode 4 – What Is Jake Doing, and Why is Vienna Still There (video)

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Jake Pavelka was part of the the last Bachelorette where he watched Jillian get used by Wes, and tried to come back and let her know that the Wes she was seeing was not the Wes he and the other guys saw, but she dismissed him, let him go, and kept Wes, yet kept her guard up, eventually getting rid of him.

Interestingly enough, Jake has found himself in the same situation on episode 4 of the The Bachelor. It’s left us asking, “What is Jake doing, and why is Vienna still there?” Many of the women on the show are telling him that Vienna is not there for the right reasons, and that the woman he’s seeing is not the same one they’re seeing, yet he’s still keeping her, seemingly ignoring what they’e telling him. Shouldn’t he be remembering his own experience and applying it here? That’s a bit maddening to watch. If it was any other guy, maybe not so, but not Jake who came back to tell her.

And at the same time, instead listening to the others and getting rid of Vienna, Jake is axing through the other women, dumping them faster than the show wants him to. He should have six women at his disposal right now, but he only has five after he went to Chris Harrison and asked him to take one of the roses away. We thought it was so that he could get rid of Vienna as well as either Jessie or Ashleigh, but instead, he kept Vienna and dumped the other two!

In addition, he had the two-on-one date last night where two women go on the date with him, and he has to decide which one he sends home right then and there and which one he keeps. Bucking the trend, Jake decided to get rid of both Kathryn and Ella. He didn’t see either of them becoming his wife someday. Kathryn I could see, as he didn’t seem to jive with her, but he had a great time with Ella on their one-one-one date, and she had even gotten her child involved. I know you miss your kid, but don’t bring him in yet to meet this man that is dating several other women!

I do think that Jake definitely has a mindset of finding the woman that’s perfect for him. That guy wants a wife, and he seems to seriously only want to keep women that he thinks could be his wife someday. It seems at this point his top three are Ali, Vienna, and Tenley. I think he’ll eventually get rid of Vienna, but that’s just speculation after what he went through with Jillian. If you really want to know, though, Reality Steve is out there saying he knows who the winner will be and how this is going to play out. I’m not looking it up, though, as I’m not into spoilers.

The following is a clip of Jake on Jimmy Kimmel where he completely leaves it up to speculation and won’t even declare that he’s in love with anyone. Jimmy suspects he might not have picked anyone.

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