The Bachelor Finale 2010: Jake Pavelka Picks His Wife … Vienna Girardi

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This was quite the shocker. On The Bachelor finale tonight, Jake Pavelka proposed, and it wasn’t to the woman who he described was perfect for him, Tenley Molzahn. It was to the woman who every other woman in the house disliked, Vienna Girardi.

Jake was torn just like every other bachelor before him has been, between a woman that becomes his best friend, and a woman that he has an incredible sexual attraction to. He chose the woman that he had the sexual attraction to, Vienna, and in the history of The Bachelor, that one just never turns out well. We don’t have to look any further than two years ago when Matt Grant proposed to Shayne Lamas, and we all knew it wasn’t going to last, and it didn’t. While it’s much  more exciting with that sexual attraction, once the excitement is over, the guys are always stuck with someone who doesn’t fit into their world.

I think we were probably all as confused as Tenley when Jake said goodbye to her. It seemed perfect. They had everything going for them including an incredible emotional connection, yet he felt something was missing. It’s definitely not the thing you want the man you love to say to you the day before he’s supposed to be proposing.

But what I really don’t get is Jake saying he was in love with two women and was going to propose to one of them. I do get how you can be in love with two different people at the same time. I do believe that can happen. But how can you know you will propose to one of them before you even decide which one to propose to? When you decide to propose, it should be because you know who you want to be married to.

As much as I thought Jake should be with Tenley, after his explanation, I understood how he could pick her, because he did seem to be more himself around her.  But I don’t see how he can propose to her, knowing that he had a stronger emotional bond with Tenley. Like Tenley asked him during the After the Final Rose, how can that make Tenley feel to know that he was so torn between the two of them bcause his emotional bond was stronger with Vienna?

We’ll of course see more of Jake right away as we watch him compete on Dancing Wih the Stars, but as soon as the relationship isn’t front page again, when Dancing With the Stars is done, I don’t expect Jake and Vienna to last long. I think it’ll go the way of most of the other Bachelor/Bachelorette relationships, as it doesn’t seem like it’s starting out on very strong footing.

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