‘The Bachelor’ Finale: What Brad Womack Wants

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The Bachelor survived its finale last night. And, as is always the case, what Brad Womack wants — at least as far as a woman in his life is concerned — was revealed.

And yes, the world now knows that it’s Emily Maynard who won the final rose and the Lane engagement ring that was so conveniently flown into South Africa by the designer himself. Well, at least Brad had a say in this part of the process of this very formatted reality TV show.

And Bachelor Brad also had the opportunity to see his family, something that brought tears to his eyes (literally), which perhaps is one indication that this man is not all there. Well, perhaps that’s too harsh. OK, perhaps this is a guy with a lot of problems that still need to be resolved — as evidenced by the fact that, during the season, he met regularly with his shrink.

But that shrink wasn’t on those final times in South Africa, times during which Brad went shark exploring with Chantal and where he went on yet another helicopter ride (yes, again, with Emily). And during these daring travel endeavors that were also very romantic, Brad Womack let each of the two women think that they were the one to be picked in the end by The Bachelor.

But, at the end of the season, Brad Womack had eyes for only one: One Emily Maynard. And yet Emily has eyes for her daughter first, and perhaps Brad Womack second, making their final South Africa date before his final decision a little difficult. Or at least that is how the story played out through the magic of television editing.

And so as he stood on a cliff overlooking a scene out of Out of Africa, The Bachelor Brad Womack picked his woman in white (interesting that the winner was swathed in a dress that sang out purity while the one who was scorned wore a dark hue). And, as the show came to its final conclusion, the two went riding off into the sunset on an elephant. How perfect an ending for a new beginning — if that’s possible. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, did you think The Bachelor picked the right partner in Emily Maynard? Do you think she was the one who should have won or do you believe Chantal was a better fit for Brad Womack? Or, do you think The Bachelor should have gone back to Austin without a potential wife picked, meaning that he could eventually come back and be, well The Bachelor once more? Thoughts? Thanks.

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