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Wow to say that tonight’s final pick at the rose ceremony was unexpected would be a huge lie! It was completely obvious, to me anyway, that  Jake was going to choose Vienna. He had always defended her, made excuses for her when other girls and people had warned him against Vienna. It was clear that he liked her no matter what and no matter what anyone said he had a soft spot for her. Not to mention I think that the more people and the media hated on Vienna, the more he liked her, it’s like an act of rebellion on Jake’s part.

I did feel really bad for Tenley. Even though I didn’t sense any real chemistry between that particular pair, Tenley and Jake made a cute couple as far as aesthetics. They were both very good looking, sweet, good-hearted, likable people independently and together that seem like they belong. However he didn’t really feel the same heat or spark as he did with Vienna and to me and some other viewers I’m sure, it was apparent. I wouldn’t want Jake to pick Tenley because his family or anyone else liked the idea; I’d want him to pick her because he was completely, madly in love with her, but he wasn’t.

Overall it was a good last episode. Vienna was her typical self, which to me seems kind of immature and in need of attention, even if it’s not necessarily good attention. There were no big confessions on the “After the Rose Ceremony” episode like the last Bachelor. Vienna and Jake will hopefully follow the path of Jason and maybe they’ll have the second Bachelor wedding.

I really think the show, dating experience proved to be a growth opportunity for Tenley because after her divorce and heartbreak she wasn’t sure if she’d ever really move on or be able to fall in love again, and she did! It proved to be unrequited and not the relationship she had hoped for, but now there’s hope.

With that being said, I’m happy Ally is the next Bachelorette because I felt super bummed that she didn’t get to finish out the show with Jake. I’m pretty sure that the outcome of the show would have had a different final episode if she had stayed in the mix. I also thought that maybe Tenley would be a great candidate for the next bachelorette, but who know’s maybe the season after next. Plus there’s always the “Bachelor/Bachelorette” seasons reunion getaways and maybe she’ll find love there or in real life, without a show, like us normal/common folks, and I suppose there’s always Eharmony.

What did you think of the Bachelor finale?

Do you agree with Jake’s pick?

Do you think that they will last?

Are you going to watch Ally as the next Bachelorette?


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