‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Final Date Teaser Just Released

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Perhaps the last preview of The Bachelor 2012 has just been released—Ben and Courtney’s final date leading up to their engagement.

The sneak peek shows the pair riding in a helicopter 14,000 feet over the Matterhorn in Switzerland before they make snow angels and go tobogganing down the mountain. This is probably one of the last moments Ben experiences where he doesn’t have a care in the world about all the red flags that have been presented to him about her.

With Courtney, I’m completely and utterly myself. I’m so happy to be around her. She makes me feel like a kid,” Flajnik said.I’ve always wanted to feel this comfortable around a woman.

See The Bachelor 2012 finale preview video here.

Ben thinks his worries are behind him, but little did he know at the time of this taping. Once the show wrapped up, a new can of worms was opened up. Spoilers came out, fans learned he picked Courtney, and he got to see firsthand why the other contestants went to him about her behavior in the first place. There’s nothing like learning the truth as millions of people watch the whole process.

Watch The Bachelor 2012 finale at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC Monday night. At 10:00 p.m., Ben and Courtney will be interviewed on After the Final Rose.

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