The Bachelor – St. Lucia Brings Romance and a Change of Heart (video)

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I think the producers of The Bachelor want it to be a difficult choice. That’s why they send the Bachelor and his three dates to such a beautiful and romantic area as St. Lucia. And it’s not like they just drop them off in this gorgeous climate and say, see if you fall in love. After days spent swimming in the surf and sightseeing, they given them a romantic dinner for two, then ask them if they want to have sex with each other.

Okay, so the “Fantasy Suite” cards from Chris Harrison don’t actually ask the ladies flat out if they want to have sex, but they may as well. The cards say that a fantasy suite is waiting for them, if they decide to spend the night together and forgo their private rooms. And going inside the suites, there are rose petals decorating the spots they want the couple to end up, such as the bed and the jacuzzi tub built for two. There are candles lit everywhere. And the bachelor and the ladies always discuss the evening in terms that make us think they’re having sex, and close the door on the cameras once they go in the bedroom.

Obviously ABC is going for the sex ratings on that, and they know we want to know if these people are getting it on or not, so do everything they can to let us know they are, without actually saying, ‘These people are having sex.” And they so want them to have sex that they plop them into these romantic areas such as Saint Lucia and set up these suites that would be really hard to resist. What girl could resist a hot pilot on a beach in a candlelit suite with rose petals all over?

And old-fashioned gal that I am, I can’t believe these people go there letting it be known that they’re having sex, knowing they could be going home. All I could think of was each of these three ladies just had sex with this guy, and he’s going to make one of them go home. “Thanks for having sex with me, but I had better sex with the other two ladies” is practically what was being said last night. And Jake didn’t feel he got to know Gia as much as Tenley and Vienna, but he got to know all three in the biblical way, so what wasn’t he getting from Gia that he got from the other two? It seemed as they were sitting in a bathtub together with their clothing on the floor that they were getting to know each other quite well.

That seemed to even spread to what he told Ali last night. After she left the show last week to go back to her job, which is reportedly working at Facebook, she now calls him up begging to come back, saying she knew she made a mistake as soon as the door on the limo closed. He told her he had taken this relationships with the other women much further now, and Ali was no longer factoring in. So in other words, he’s had sex with all three of the other ladies, and his connection with Ali now just isn’t going to hold any water.

Jake took a lot from Tenley, and I don’t see how he could close the door on that and choose Vienna. Tenley admitted she has never been with any other guy other than her ex-husband. But the one guy she wanted to do that with was Jake … on national TV. That makes it seem like she’s sure he’s going to pick her in the end. But what if he doesn’t? Jake went ahead and spent the evening with her, so he’s going to look like a huge heel if he doesn’t choose her.

Additionally, the promos for the finale are setting it up to make it look like Jake has a hard time choosing in the end, and almost like he is pulling a Brad Womack and not picking anyone. Is it possible he doesn’t choose either of them and goes back to Ali? It would seem a little odd after he’s spent the whole show telling us how he’s in love with each of these women and it’s hard to choose just one. And after bedding three he won’t pick any of them?

My money is still on Tenley. They seemed to have the biggest connecton from the beginning, other than him and Ali. And while the ABC editors don’t tell as good of a story as CBS and Mark Burnett with their Survivor editing, they’ve still been telling us a story this whole time of  Jake being Tenley’s white knight. They showed it in promos, but edited out of the show, the part with Tenley joking about being pregnant. On the show they didn’t want us seeing them joking, only wanting us ot see them falling in love. And everyone knows how much of a white knight Jake wanted to be for Jillian Harris, wanting to save her from Wes.

I think Jake in the end is going to choose Tenley because he wants to be her white knight and save her from this sad life she has experienced since her husband cheated on her. I think he wants to show her how she deserves to be treated. He has a lot of fun with Vienna, but in the end, their connection is one of those that seems based soley on being sexually attracted to each other. When the Bachelors pick the women they have the bigger sexual connection with, it never lasts. If Jake really wants to meet a woman and get married and still feel the same way in twenty years, like he told Tenley, he needs to pick her.


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