The Bachelor Women tell All–Rozlyn Papa speaks

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So this season’s “Women tell all” episode had some very different moments than episodes in the past.

One of the more “interesting” moments was when they brought Rozlyn on stage in front of all of the rest of the girls. I think she chose to sit in the hot seat next to Chris in order to tell her side of the story and clear the air. The problem is that a lot of the girls had evidence, visual evidence, of her indiscretions with one of the staff members (producer) of the show. She continued to deny all the accusations, claiming that they were just “rumors,” but I’m sorry last time I checked perfectly innocent people don’t just get asked to leave the show–aka booted off–for nothing!

Rozlyn steady kept skating around the topic of her questionable relationship with said producer, claiming she left because in the contract she signed it stated that she couldn’t contact her son while on the show without the signed permission of the baby’s father. She defended herself by also saying that there were hidden cameras around the mansion and how would she be able to have an affair or commit any of the acts without it being caught on camera. I think some of the girls or Chris had suggested that if you were dating a cameraman or seeing a producer you would know the camera schedule. It was just funny the way her story twisted and turned and how she tried to turn everything on everyone else, but no one else got kicked off of the show! She tried to trash talk or dig up stuff on everyone in the house and even Chris! She attacked him later not just by basically shushing him when she was answering a question, but also she said the producer she was “friends” with hit on Chris’ wife while in New Zealand! It was insane! I was glad that Chris didn’t play into her game or dignify her taunts with a response. He kept things very professional. I think the girl does have a chronic, pathological lying problem. I think she does use her body to get herself places. She had also mentioned the fired staff member coming to visit her in her hometown and her meeting his father. It was very strange, confusing, and did not help her already, weakened argument that their relationship was innocent.

There were other good moments on the show, like when Chris talked to Jake about Allie and when she left. There was also interesting conversations about Vienna and Allie had even said she felt sorry for how they were digging up and exploiting Vienna in tabloid gossip. Another great moment was when “Crazy-in-need-of-therapy” Michele talked about her time on the show. It was funny how even after looking at her behavior on the show, she still didn’t think she acted kind of bizarre. She considers herself normal and she was “just there for Jake.” I think the other girls had a point though, when they said that by her alienating herself from everyone else it must have been harder on her because she didn’t make any friends on the show. She would have had a less “emotional” time if she would have allowed herself to have fun with the girls and with Jake. I think what the rest of the girls were trying to get through to her is that they, for the most part, acted and behaved as themselves, the way they would if they were in the real world. They didn’t just perk up when Jake was around. They were nice when the cameras weren’t on and when Jake wasn’t around. The thing that everyone is watching for, including Jake is to see how your personality is with and without him. It shows how real you are, the way you interact with people and your friends. That’s most likely one of the reasons she went home because Michele didn’t consider the show to be the real world, it was like a vacation with a house full of girls and occasionally Jake was around.


What did you think of the Rose ceremony?

What did you think of Rozlyn? 

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