The Bachelor: Women Tell All (Season 14, Episode 8)~ Watch the Video and Share Your Thoughts!

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The Bachelor:  Women Tell All was on last night.  Did you watch?  If so, what did you think?  If not, watch the video below then share your thoughts.

Here’s Part One:





Part Two:







Okay, now I can tell you what I thought…………..




That sums it up!  The whole Rozlyn thing was a bit amusing, but it was so obvious that she was just lying to save face.  Also obvious was that she knew she was busted, but she wanted to take as many people down with her as she could.  She’s really something, that one.  Gross.  She made a snarky little remark to Chris Harrison about flirting with “The Staffer”‘s wife.  Really Rozlyn?  Puh-lease.  I actually wanted to reach through the tv and strangle her!  So really, I’d like to know where is this “Staffer”‘s wife when the “staffer” and his dad are traveling and visiting with Rozlyn in her hometown?  She’s just nasty!

So Ali and Gia were there, of course.  I really feel for them.  I would much rather have seen the two of them in the final two rather than Tenley and the wretched Vienna.  I really liked both Ali and Gia and I hope that one of them turn out to be the next Bachelorette.  I’m really still holding out a shred of hope that on the finale next week, Jake ditches both Vienna and Tenley and goes back to Ali.  Yeah, I know it will never happen but I can hope…..

The rest of the Women Tell All was just okay.  Nothing earth shattering revealed.  I never really did like the Women Tell All shows, I’d rather just get to the finale.

It was nice to see the Bachelor as a show giving back in so many ways.  It showed their donations to Haiti, their Food Bank volunteering and some community service type stuff with kids.  That was kind of refreshing.

They did show a sneak peek of a Bachelor Wedding coming up.  Jason and Molly from a few seasons back will be getting married in a two hour special on March 8th.  I didn’t really like them.  I thought the whole thing with Melissa and Molly was kinda awkward and sad.  I’ll probably watch, nonetheless.


Well, next week is the big finale!  Want to place your bets on what will happen?  Vote in the poll below.  Who will get the final rose?  Will it be Vienna, Tenley or neither (I hope)!!


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