‘The Bachelorette’ 2012 Emily Maynard, Arie Luyendyk Fantasy Date Recap

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On this week’s The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard had her three fantasy dates in Curacao before she was forced (under duress) to eliminate one guy. That guy was not Arie Luyendyk, Jr, the hunky race car driver from Scottsdale, Arizona.

In fact, Em’s time with this smooth operator had the two in various situations while visiting the island off the coast of Venezuela just as her dates did with Jef Holm (review here) and Sean Lowe.

Arie and Em started their specific day going out to sea in a catamaran until the duo reach Fulk Bay where they not only discover a pod of dolphins but they actually get out of their vessel to swim with these marine mammals.

Even before the diving begins, these two are making out like crazy. Emily is a bit scared to be in the deep with these large yet friendly animals, but Arie makes sure she is safe by helping her to enjoy the experience. He is her protector.

There’s no doubt that The Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Arie have a huge amount of chemistry. She is extremely attracted to him, and during this date he tells her he believes he fell in love with the beautiful blonde on their very first date.

Arie admits he can’t wait until the time when he will be allowed to propose to Em–not even considering this may not be in the offing. Emily agrees that she has been drawn to him almost since day one.

Also, while the two spend their alone time on the Caribbean island, Arie shares his best dates with her, and the moments that he mentions are his favorites all turn out to be when the two had been kissing. They both laugh at that fact. Again, Emily says, “It’s not a secret that I love kissing Arie” as she said before during this ABC show.

At dinner, Emily is eager to hear about how Arie normally spends his day whereupon he divulges that he eats almost every meal in a restaurant and that he does not like staying at home by himself. He said he gets up about 9 every morning, something that Emily said would not happen if or when he was to live with daughter Ricki, who is apparently a very early riser as are many six-year-olds.

Emily tells Arie she would be up for moving to Scottsdale if the two were to live together in harmony there with little Ricki and she asks how Arie would deal with the role of step-father. He tells her he would build up to being that authority figure, starting out as being the girl’s friend and companion and hoping to build that relationship into something that is more akin to being a parent. Emily appreciates that he put so much thought into how he would approach a life that included her precious little girl.

Because Emily is so attracted to Arie, she will not be doling out a fantasy date card to this man to whom she is so attracted. She just does not trust herself to be in such an intimate situation with him. And so the date ends with a whole bunch of kissing.

That said, do you think The Bachelorette 2012 Emily Maynard and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. are meant to be together? Will she pick him and if she does and when he proposes will she accept and become his wife? Stay tuned.

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