‘The Bachelorette’ 2012 Emily Maynard Ignores Mom’s Advice on the Finale July 22

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On The Bachelorette 2012 for the final episode, Emily Maynard is visiting Curacao. While spending time at this destination that seems like pure paradise, the blonde beauty from Charlotte, North Carolina must finally make her final decision and pick the guy of her choice.

Daunted about who that should be, Maynard seeks advice from her family.

This happens after both Jef and Arie meet her mom, her dad, her brother, and his fiancée. The future bride is obviously pleased that her whole clan likes both men, and, at that point, Emily feels she is in love with the two of them and all at the same time. She tells her kin this particular information which seems confusing, at best.

Then, when Maynard asks the members of her immediate family what she should do (translation: who she should pick), each say this is her decision to make and hers alone. That said, her mother does tell Em that since she is not so sure which guy is the guy, she would be wise to wait to get engaged.

As the show progresses and The Bachelorette finally decides who she wants to give that final rose, she is excited to have that happen and sends the other dude home without having him go through a typical ceremony in which she turns him down in a formal way.

Meanwhile, without divulging any spoilers here on who she ends up with even though this guy’s name has probably been shouted from the rooftops by now, the winning man is allowed to meet the most important person in Emily Maynard’s life: Her six-year-old daughter, Ricki.

And so, that dude is invited to go over to where Ricki and Em are staying in the beautiful Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. When he meets the little girl, Maynard introduces him as a friend of her mom’s.

At that point, Ricki is in the pool, wearing pink goggles. Not long after the threesome start getting comfortable together, the friendly fellow in the group dons his own pair of pink goggles and joins her. Obviously, this new and very important relationship is getting off to a great start.

And so, as The Bachelorette Emily Maynard makes her final decision about who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, she also ignores her mother’s suggestion to avoid getting engaged. Indeed, Emily Maynard and her man do decide to make their relationship official, a ring is exchanged and the two make plans for a permanent future together.

That said, did you watch The Bachelorette finale? If so, do you think Emily Maynard picked the right guy? Do you like the way these two reality stars get along? Please weigh in and stay tuned for more about Sunday’s finale of this popular ABC reality show.

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