‘The Bachelorette’ 2012 Emily Maynard, Sean Lowe Fantasy Date Recap

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On The Bachelorette this week, 2012 contestant Emily Maynard was treated to three fantasy dates with her final guys, Sean, Arie, and Jef. But it was her date with Sean that eventually ended in a lot of sadness when he was not given a rose at the final ceremony of the season.

Still, the actual fantasy date seemed to go very well while Em and Sean were in Curacao. The Texan and the Southern belle took off via helicopter where they surveyed their new surroundings from above. After a whirlwind tour of this slice of paradise off the coast of Venezuela, Maynard and Lowe landed on their own private island.

Once on sandy land, the two snorkeled the clear Caribbean waters, seeking out sea life and some quality time together. As Sean put it, “Just you and me,” which is partially true because there was also the aforementioned sea life as well as the camera crew from ABC who were along for this intimate adventure.

In any case, at it at this point when everyone watching was expecting Sean Lowe to finally tell Emily Maynard that he loves her. Instead, he decided to give her an abundance of help with her diving gear and then, later, he went to great lengths to show her how much he cares by presenting her with a letter he wrote to daughter Ricki.

That special note was delivered while the two were at dinner, after which time and, at long last, Sean said that he is, indeed, in love with her “without a shadow of a doubt.” The Bachelorette finally was told how this hunky guys feels and so she gave him the fantasy suite card. Dinner was never consumed since these two were so eager to get to their new digs.

After they checked out the place, Em pulled her “I need to be a good role model for my daughter” card, sending Sean packing from the luxury suite, and then, later, from the show altogether. Yes, it was in the final minutes of the program when The Bachelorette 2012 Emily Maynard decided, through tears, not to give Sean Lowe a rose during the ceremony that would have meant more than anything else for this meek man.

Oh well. She still has Arie and Jef to keep her company as the show winds down for the season. So, with that said, who will Em pick in the end: Arie or Jef? Of course, there are many spoilers about who that will be but to be absolutely sure you need to tune in to find out during the next two Mondays in a row on ABC.

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