‘The Bachelorette’ 2012 Emily Maynard Spoiler: Checking Out Chicago with Chris Bukowski

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On Monday, The Bachelorette Emily Maynard did a lot of work to with some of the guys to try to see which ones are compatible with her. This was particular true for Chris Bukowski, and now that she has decided to keep him in the fold, she’s off next week to visit with his family in Chicago.

As seen in the recap here from last week’s show in Prague, Chris has some anger issues that need to stay in check as the two leave the Czech Republic in search of a possible life together. Em is not the kind of girl who would ever want a mean man to be her husband let alone to be allowed to spend time with her little daughter, Ricki.

So, this date in Chicago is very important to their future as far as Maynard is concerned when it comes to possible keeping this apparently volatile guy in her heart and on the show.

While in the Windy City, Chris and Emily will reportedly “take a walking tour of the city” and they will “dine at a local Polish restaurant to give Emily the flavor of [the Bukowski] family history.”

While there’s nothing all that exciting about these events, that’s probably for the best because high drama at this point is not what The Bachelorette Emily Maynard would cherish as a good thing in this particular situation.

Also during her time in Chicago, Em will once again hear Chris say he’s sorry for the way he acted in Prague when the two went on a group date gone awry. He tells her that he wasn’t happy about being sequestered from her because of the way the game is played and apparently, this diatribe seems sincere.

At least, Emily buys into it (is she really as innocent as she appears?) and she goes ahead and meets Chris’ family, who she seems to really like. However, on the flip side, the Bukowski family think that perhaps Ms. Maynard will break their Chris’ heart.

That said, that remains to be seen on The Bachelorette 2012 as Emily Maynard goes forth in Chicago to take up with Chris Bukowski once again and to see if he is the one for her. What do you think? Will he pass the test or will the that be an epic fail for this apparently volatile guy? Thoughts? Thanks.

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