The Bachelorette 2012 Emily Maynard Spoilers and Predictions for June 11

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On The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard is off to London with her guys for episode 5 on June 11. But what begins as a happy journey across the pond ends as a journey ripe with drama.

While Em has a good time in the British capital as reviewed previously here, this single mother is not above getting really mad. As a matter of fact, the promos for the show this coming week illustrate how mad she can get when she’s bleeped as she tells one guy that he should “get the f*** out.”

That is when this year’s Bachelorette puts an end to her relationship with Kalon, the anti-hero in this program that offers an escape from reality at certain times during its run. In fact, Mister McMahon is said to have been “lying non-stop to Emily Maynard” throughout his tenure on the show according to certain folks in the know.

One of those folks is Erica Rose, who competed on The Bachelor in 2006, and who grew up with Kalon. By way of background, if you don’t remember this guy, you may remember his entrance on this year’s show because he arrived in Charlotte via helicopter and has been big timing himself ever since. Nobody in the house seems to like him.

But no more digressing.

In a recent report, Erica warns that Emily should have been watching her back from the second she met this Lethario from Houston. Rose says, “…if she wants to know why, all she has to do is see how he lied to his girlfriend in Houston…just like he’s lying to Emily now.”

He also lied to another girl called Lauren Serice who he met on a blind date. One key point about that liaison that relates to Emily Maynard is the fact that Kalon told Lauren he never wants to have kids. So, what is he doing on a show trying to win the love of a woman who has a little girl? That was rhetorical. This guy’s a rat.

In any case, the sky will fall on Kalon when Emily Maynard is in London playing Juliet in a rare reboot of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Kalon does something that is quite unacceptable and so his free ride on the hit ABC show will be over as of June 11.

Meanwhile, Arie Luyendyk Jr. seems to be showing up as the favorite to win the heart of Em, but that’s just a prediction at this point. So, stay tuned for more spoilers as The Bachelorette amps up in Monday’s episode.

That said, do you think Emily Maynard has good antennae for finding a man who will make her happy and be honest and true? Do you think you will learn more about who she favors come June 11 when the group goes to London? Please weigh in with your thoughts.

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