‘The Bachelorette’ 2012 Emily Maynard ‘The Men Tell All’ Recap for July 16

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On Monday’s edition of The Bachelorette 2012, Emily Maynard faced the suitors she discarded on The Men Tell All special that happens every year as a much-watched episode of this popular ABC show that’s a member of the ever-entertaining Bachelor franchise.

As such, all 25 of Em’s possible mates, sans Arie and Jef who are still in the running, were on hand for this special. And all were introduced to the studio audience with the crowd deciding who they liked and who they didn’t according to the volume of the screams heard as each man’s name was called.

While Sean turned out to be most popular on this particular Richter scale, Kalon was the least popular. In fact, it seemed he is absolutely reviled if the boos that came from this group of fans in attendance were any indication.

That said, even if there are some who are loyal to Emily Maynard but are still on the fence regarding the actions and attitude of this particular guy who participated in The Bachelorette, one key person in this complex situation is absolutely and completely over him, and that is Emily Maynard herself.

But that’s getting ahead as far as this recap is concerned. First, Kalon was asked to take the hot seat and talk about why he did and said some of the despicable things that showed up on this year’s The Bachelorette. That said, the most irksome of the lot was when he took to calling Em’s daughter Ricki “baggage.”

Host Chris Harrison inquired about this mean comment that ultimately resulted in Kalon’s demise on the hit reality show and Kalon came back with the fact that he did not see anything particularly offensive about the remark. No, no remorse from this stubborn contender.

However, Kalon did offer some insight when he explained that before he actually signed up for the gig, he had no idea Emily was going to be this year’s Bachelorette. With that in mind, he was prompted to admit that he was suddenly faced with how he felt about possibly marrying a woman who already had a child and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Still, he continued on with the show despite those uneasy feelings, which isn’t Kosher as far as the process goes for matching up two people who have the same ideals.

And, while this action may be fair enough for some people and not at all OK with others, that was a moot point because Kalon is gone, out of Em’s life for good. When he left the stage, hunky Ryan took his place in the chair next to Chris Harrison.

This arrogant man who was very unpopular with the other guys on the show said he does not consider himself to be arrogant at all, but rather just confident. He explained that he decided to be part of the show to find a wife, or, if not, to at least be part of the scene. Translation: He would like a chance to become the next Bachelor, an idea Harrison squashed when he told the whole world last night that there was absolutely no possibility that would ever happen.

Hunky Chris Bukowski also took the stand, so to speak, and said he was literally heartbroken when Emily got rid of him after the hometown dates. In fact, this Chicagoan admitted that he is still heartbroken to this day. Still, he’s moved on in a way as he’ll be part of Bachelor Pad (some call the show Bachelor Bad), which starts its run next Monday.

Then, when Sean headed for the hot seat, he was met with cheers of admiration and, most likely, lust too. The good-looking 28-year-old is obviously popular with the ladies, and he was obviously in love with Em, a sad fact given this sweet Texan was all ready to marry Maynard and be a dad to her daughter, Ricki.

Obviously, that is not to be–unless something really miraculous happens on the season finale come next Sunday. But, at this point, status quo is that Emily will pick either Arie or Jef to propose.

While this has already happened or not happened in real time, Emily Maynard did finally show up on The Men Tell All to tell all about how she feels about certain things that happened during her reign as The Bachelorette.

The beautiful blonde apologized once again to Sean about having to say good-bye, telling him she was in tears about that decision and letting him know how much she cares about him. She also let Doug know she wished she had given him the rose on the London group date and then she took her stab at Kalon after he tried to give his version of an apology which was pat, to say the least.

This strong lady came back at her nemesis, saying that although he was good at putting pretty words together to say what he said, she was not in any way going to believe a word of it. Quite frankly, she called the whole spiel “bulls***” and apparently, that was putting it mildly for how Em still feels about the man and the matter of his dissing her kid.

As so, before The Bachelorette season 8 comes to a close on Sunday with a finale, Emily Maynard was able to get some things off her chest along with the guys with whom she had learned to both love and hate when all represented during The Men Tell All.

That said, stay tuned for more on this riveting ABC show as spoilers should be coming fast and furious in the next six days before the show ties up all loose ends for the season on July 22 at 8/7c on ABC.

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